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Emergency Shelter Services


The shelter is a safe haven for survivors fleeing violence in their homes and individuals experiencing a housing crisis. Emergency shelter services are temporary and free of charge. If you are experiencing homelessness or have to leave your home for other reasons, the Help Center is just a phone call away.  No matter what time of day or night - help is available!


Take the first step and call the Help Center 24/7 at 814-536-5361.


Shelter services include:

  • Working with you to develop a personal goal plan to help you identify and work towards your goals.

  • Meeting with others who have experienced similar circumstances and obstacles.

  • Case management to guide you through a variety of services and benefits, and provide you with support along the way. 

  • Developing coping and anger management skills

  • Access to Legal Advocacy

  • Assistance throughout the housing process, including housing education, rental unit searches, obtaining needed items, facilitating transition into permanent housing.


Legal Advocacy


Our Legal Advocacy Program is for those who have been affected by Domestic Violence or are dealing with a variety of legal issues; be it trauma caused by physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or financial abuse.


Legal Advocacy is based on an understanding of the emotional and social impact of domestic violence and provides assistance through the legal process associated with initiating action.


Our advocates will help to prepare you for, and support you through, legal appointments and court appearances.

Whether you are trying to determine your legal options, contemplating filing criminal charges against your abuser,  starting paperwork for the Protection From Abuse (PFA) process, need court accompaniment through your PFA process, or need legal resources, give The Help Center a call to see how we can assist you. (814) 536-5361

Leaving a violent or abusive relationship is not easy. Money, family pressures, concerns for children and fear of feelings for the abusive partner create uncertainty. Whether you leave or stay in the relationship, you can get free help and information from the Women's Help Center. Services are supportive in nature and encourage personal growth and empowerment.


We offer free and private consultation over the phone and in-person. Trained staff provide empowerment counseling, present options, and work with individuals during and after the crisis period. 

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