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Family Time

Parenting Education

Parents and children face social and family issues far different from those decades ago. The Women's Help Center offers two dynamic parenting courses to address family management problems for parents with children who are 5 to 17 years of age.


Parents have a dramatic impact on the attitudes and behaviors developed by their children; therefore, skill enhancement work with parents is imperative to healthy development of children. That was the motivating force behind the program's decision to introduce active parenting sessions. Parenting curricula is designed age appropriately and is facilitated by staff trainers.

Active Parenting Now - Parents of children ages 5-12


Active Parenting of Teens - Parents of teens ages 13-17


Sessions are facilitated on an ongoing basis within the Center, and will focus on seven strategies for school success, positive non-physical/respectful discipline, communication techniques, and how to be an encouraging parent.


In addition to self-referrals, law enforcement, medical professionals, human service providers and educators also generate participants. Cambria County Children and Youth Services also serves as a referral agent, in a collaborative project with the Women's Help Center.


For more information on the Active Parenting program please contact us at 


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