March is Women's History Month. While there are many women to highlight - that have left us or still do important work today - we would like to highlight the work of Ella Baker. Stating, “Oppressed people, whatever their level of formal education, have the ability to understand and interpret the world around them, to see the world for what it is, and move to transform it.” – Ella Baker. Please click the photo for more information on her work to raise the voices of people of color, women, and students.


March 5th, 2021 was out second annual Green Out to coincide with the SandyHookPromise.Org "Say Something Week". For more information on how we participate in this programing visit the education section of our website. To get your school or organization involved in this violence prevention programming click the image to the left to see how you can get involved as a trusted teen or adult.

February was Black History Month, but our education doesn't have to end there. We urge you to seek out your local chapters of the NAACP by clicking the image to the left, to see how you can get involved. Seek out black activists and history around the world and in your own area. 

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