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Violence Prevention &
Character Education Programs


Email or call (814)536-5361 to talk about scheduling something for your school or agency!

In the classroom or out in the community, our Violence Prevention Team takes their unique programs to you.

- Program Ideas To Get You Started-

Life Lessons (Pre K-Grade 5)


Life Lessons is a series of five lessons designed age-appropriately for each specific grade level. Incorporating parts of the Healthy Choices curriculum, these programs teach students alternatives for handling interpersonal conflict through improved communication and enable students to identify safe adults. Each lesson can also be scheduled as individual classes.


Manners (Pre K-Kindergarten)


Your Preschool and Kindergarten students will be delighted when Molly the Manners Mouse visits their classroom. The students will have fun helping Molly remember her manners as she gets into some mischief.


Peer Pressure (Grades 3-6)


This program addresses the many pressures students face and offers alternatives to "giving in." Through discussion and an interactive game format, students learn positive resolution skills.


Anger Management (Grades 1-12)


By far our most requested topic, our anger management programs have reached over 2,000 students last school year alone. Although anger is normal, problems arise when we choose to deal with these feelings negatively. Fun, yet frustrating, activities are used to help students recognize the "physical cues" associated with anger and learn positive ways to deal with it.


Decision Making (Grades 3-6)


We all make decisions every day. Unfortunately, many people make quick decisions without thinking about the consequences. This program is designed to teach students the skills necessary to make sound decisions and think for themselves. Children who possess these skills often develop a greater sense of confidence and experience less anxiety and frustration; while giving in to peer pressure less.


Self-Esteem & Assertiveness (Grades 3-12)


Self-worth, image and concept are shaped constantly throughout our lives. Understanding that we have the right to be treated with value and respect can help develop an assertive belief system.


Sexual Harassment (Grades 6-12)


Sexual harassment is not harmless teasing, flirting, or "just a joke." It is against the law. It creates an environment in which people feel unsafe diminishing one's ability to be productive. Learn what constitutes sexual harassment, the mechanism of power and control that drives the behavior, remedies for victims and the responsibilities of the school.


Diversity (Preschool-Grade 12)


These programs promote understanding and respect for peoples' differences and the importance of getting along. Preschool-2nd graders will laugh along with the puppets as they present the story of "Community Soup". 3rd-6th graders will learn that everyone is special through discussion and a craft project. Through a 2-day video based lesson, 7th-12th graders will explore differences, stereotypes, hate and tolerance.


Bullying (Grades K-10)


More than just a buzz-word, bullying creates an unsafe school environment. These informative and empowering programs can help students recognize unacceptable behaviors in themselves and others. K-2nd graders will love our puppet show, "The Case of the Bullying Bully & Her Bad Banana." We also provide the "Bully Buster Club" that can be presented in individual classrooms. 3rd-6th graders will love playing Bully Survivor. 7th-10th graders are especially susceptible to bullying. We offer a real-world glimpse into the life of bullies and victims through an MTV style video and discussion.


Cyberbullying (Grades 3-12)


From school work to personal relaxation choices, students now are faced with some form of digital screen for (potentially) hours of their day. The Internet and its digital counterparts are a wonderful resource, especially for students. Unfortunately, a massive percentage of children that are bullied are bullied through the Internet. Cyberbullying has become a staple of most online communities as an extension of in-school bullying. This prevention program is designed to raise awareness and to keep kids alert to the dangers that live in Cyberspace.

Internet Safety (Grades 3-12)

An extension of the Cyberbullying program with deeper focus on how to prevent and ward-off online predators. We talk about not only whether or not students have their social media set to private, and how to do that, but also the content of their pages that they might not view as dangerous. Older students discuss the practice of grooming and other tactics predators use every day.

Mastering Middle School (Grades 5-8)

This three part series covers topics such as: body image, stereotypes/tolerance, and bullying. 

Relationships are tough (Grades 7-12 Healthy vs. Unhealthy relationships)


Studies show that 1 in 3 high school students have or will be involved in an abusive relationship - a very disturbing statistic! We will explore the dynamics of healthy and unhealthy relationships, learn to recognize warning signs of abusive behavior and discuss options for ending negative relationships. We will test our knowledge by playing "The Dating Game."


High Schooling is Hard (Grades 7-12)


This three-part series addresses the complex world of social pressures that teenagers experience as they try to "fit in" with their peers. The focus of the lessons include: healthy boundaries, body image and self esteem, depression and suicide


Other topics include exclusion, bullying, harassment, eating disorders, steroid use, friendships and rivals drug and alcohol use, etc. This challenges  challenges students to examine their attitudes and behaviors and to make positive changes in their lives and their school environment.

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