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Community Education

The Women's Help Center maintains a Community Education component. Activities and specific presentations are designed to inform the public of the availability of domestic violence services and the incidence, severity and dynamics of domestic violence.

Trained staff and volunteers address community and civic groups, social service, legal, law enforcement, medical, and educational systems, and women's networks on issues

surrounding domestic violence.

Topics include:

Anger Management


Conflict Resolution

Healthy Relationships

Dynamics of Domestic Violence

Child Abuse & Trauma

Elder Abuse

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Internet Safety & Cyberbullying


Sexual Harassment


Teen Dating Violence

Trainings are facilitated within the program by staff with the goal of raising awareness, enhancing skills, and enabling agencies and systems to meet the needs of those affected by domestic violence and homelessness.

To schedule a presentation contact us at (814)536-5361

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